“Embrace and Fully Understand”

The Living Now Book Awards have presented Your Best Investment with a Books for Better Living award.  Since 1988, these awards have honored newly published books that most enhance a reader’s quality of life.

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Books for Better Living Award

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It’s a Bestseller!

The National Institutes of Health, as well as the New England Journal of Medicine, have reported that for the first time in America’s history, the young people of today may have life expectancies less than their parents.  This unsettling trend is due primarily to heart disease.

However, heart disease is preventable, especially when kids learn - with Your Amazing Heart - to take care of their heart health while they are young.

After several attempts at weight loss, 14-year-old Timothy Akey Jr. of Gainesville, Florida finally shed the 40 pounds he needed to lose.  Timothy and his mom (Dr. Angeli Akey) credit Your Amazing Heart for providing the motivation and the understanding he needed to finally achieve his ideal weight.  Continue reading...

YAH Motivated Incredible 40-pound Weight Loss

(Written by Dr. Dave Woynarowski, who is considered to be one of the world’s top age-management specialists, and is featured on Dr. Dave’s Best.)

It's easier to build up a child than repair an adult.  Dr. Edwin Lee (in Your Amazing Heart) reminds us of this as he takes care to inform our most precious resources, our children, about the benefits of taking care of their hearts.  With the obesity epidemic on the rise, our children's life expectancy won't even be as long as ours!  That's unheard of!  How did that happen?  Continue reading...

“Reverse this Frightening Trend,” Warns Dr. Dave

YAH Added to School System in Connecticut

YAH Added to Bay Meadows Curriculum

Bay Meadows Elementary School in Orlando, Florida has added Your Amazing Heart to its curriculum.  Teacher Brent Wilmot (holding Your Amazing Heart) with Dr. Edwin Lee and his sons, Connor and Nathan, outside the school.

Your Amazing Heart earned the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.  The annual award recognizes exemplary children’s books - as judged by expert panels of teachers, librarians, booksellers and book reviewers of all ages.

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Moonbeam Award Winner

The entire school system for Groton Public Schools in Groton, Connecticut has added Your Amazing Heart to its teaching curriculum.  Thank you Michelle Mokrzewski (picture above) the teacher at West Side Middle School in Groton who led the drive! 

After a reading from Your Amazing Heart at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Edwin Lee made sure that these students will always remember the book’s three secrets.

Dr. Anna Cabeca of St. Simons, Georgia sent in this photo of her daughter Ava reading Your Awesome Brain. Dr. Cabeca says, “I love to see the sparks in the kids’ eyes when they read it!  You can see the light bulbs turning on because they now understand.”

“I Can’t He-e-e-ear You-u-u!”

Because They Now Understand

Jini Cicero says, “Beautiful Job”

Jini “Jinifit” Cicero, well-known fitness blogger and educator, chose Your Amazing Heart as her book of the month recently by saying, “The wise among us know that to teach or explain something well, one should be able to break the subject down to a level that a child can understand.  Dr. Lee and Mr. Huth have done a beautiful job accomplishing just that.”

YAH Wows Docs at AMMG

After learning about Your Amazing Heart at the Conference of Age Management Medicine Group, doctors responded with comments such as: “All kids should read this book,” Dr. Michelle Pulido; “Wonderful,” Dr. Barry Sears; “Love it,” Dr. Rob Kominiarek.



Dr. Edwin Lee at the Conference of Age Management Medicine Group with: (1) Dr. Michelle Pulido; (2) Dr. Barry Sears; (3) Dr. Rob Kominiarek;

(4) Dr. Rosa Kincaid; (5) Dr. Kathryn Tarman; (6) Dr. Nathan Bryan.





Thanks Beatriz!

Beatriz wrote from Houston, Texas to say, "I want to help as many children as possible eat more vegetables and know your 3 secrets."  She also said that she'll be donating a copy of Your Amazing Heart to her school library.  Thank you Beatriz!  Her mom shared this adorable video.

Not only is Your Amazing Heart a bestseller on Amazon, it also received the prestigious Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.  Plus, schools around the nation are adding Your Amazing Heart to their curriculums.  And through it all, the many reasons for reading this book remain the same.

Your Awesome Brain (Dr. Edwin Lee and Jim Huth’s follow-up to their bestselling Your Amazing Heart) is now a bestseller! And, many educators have agreed that these early-reader books are helping children learn how to better understand health and wellness.

Thanks to the growing readership of Your Awesome Brain and Your Amazing Heart, a third book is in the works (about the liver) and is due to be published in 2018.

It all comes down to this: the people with some of the best stories to tell are not always getting published.

However, when you use the writing and editing services of WordEquity, your passions and knowledge are skillfully transformed into published words that inform, enthrall and entertain.

Hi, I’m Jim Huth, writer, editor and managing partner of WordEquity.  I believe that the worth of your written word, as with all your achievements, is determined by the equity you invest.  So, welcome to WordEquity.  Let’s build upon the worth in your words!

(In 2017, Jim Huth’s co-authored Your Awesome Brain became a bestseller after earning two Purple Dragonfly Book Awards in 2016. Also in 2016, Clos de Paris, which he edited, became a bestseller. In 2015 and 2014, his co-authored Your Amazing Heart became a bestseller and received a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, while Your Best Investment, which he edited, received a Living Now Book Award. Throughout Huth’s career, his published works have earned national awards from leading organizations such as the American Advertising Federation, International Association of Business Communicators, Independent Publisher and Public Relations Society of America.)

YAB Wins First Place (Twice) in Purple Dragonfly Awards

Your Awesome Brain received two of the first place awards in the prestigious Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. The annual awards honor published authors of children's literature with a seal that is placed on the book's cover to let parents know they are giving their children the very best in reading excellence.

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“Eloquently explained.”

- Mark L. Gordon M.D., FAAFP
Medical Director, CBS Studios

“This is the diet book that you definitely need to embrace and fully understand.”

- Mark Houston M.D., M.S., FACP, FAHA

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine

Vanderbilt University Medical School

While working on Your Best Investment: Secrets to a Healthy Body and Mind, I was reminded daily of how much I enjoy working with WordEquity clients who are so very knowledgable and passionate about every word they pour into their books.  All of that energy and expertise of the author are now evident throughout Your Best Investment as it guides you through the secrets of investing in your health.  Continue reading...

Welcome to WordEquity

Two More Bestsellers!

Clos de Paris (written by Kyle Miller and edited by Jim Huth) is the bestselling story of an American couple’s European adventures in acquiring, renovating and eventually moving into a three-hundred-year-old farmhouse in the storybook French village of Fresnay Sur Sarthe.

Along with many photos of the house and its village, the story is told through the author’s renovation updates and insightful correspondence, which she sent to family and friends along the way. Clos de Paris is more than a narrative of a home renovation project. It’s the story of a loving partnership in marriage and in life, with plenty of local color tossed in for good measure.

“Your Awesome Brain”

“Clos de Paris: Tales of Restoring a Normandy Farmhouse”

“Little Charley’s Big Adventures” Have Just Begun

Little Charley’s Big Adventures in France (written by Kyle Miller and edited by Jim Huth) is a “travel diary,” as told by a most adventurous American pooch on a European vacation with his humans, Kyle and Steve.

Charley’s diary conveys the sights, sounds and smells of the village he visits with Kyle and Steve in tow, while Charley learns from the beauty of France, and the strangers who quickly become his friends.

It’s a children’s book from which we could all learn a lesson about enjoying the adventures our travels provide - when we em”bark” upon those adventures with humor and wonder.

Emotional Mojo Surprise

To see what led to a surprise high-five scene on Emotional Mojo (leading up to the national launch for Your Amazing Heart), be sure to check out this video.

UPDATE - “Get Pregnant!” Gets a Publisher

UPDATE 4/26/18 - Congratulations again to Dr. Trolice! The Quarto Group has confirmed that his book - Get Pregnant! - will be published by Harvard Common Press by mid-2019.

Dr. Mark Trolice is the fertility specialist you may have seen on talk shows recently when one of his patients became the oldest woman in the U.S. to deliver a baby using her own eggs through in vitro fertilization. His upcoming book, Get Pregnant! Science-based Strategies to Help You Finally Overcome Infertility and Have Your Baby, has thought-provoking answers and guidance, and was edited by Jim Huth.

The foreword was written by Brenda Strong, actress and Path2Parenthood spokesperson. Dr. Trolice’s blog is consistently ranked as one of the top fertility blogs in the world.

Dr. Mark Gordon Featured in Upcoming Documentary

Dr. Mark Gordon (WordEquity client for his book, Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment) first met Andrew Marr when he correctly diagnosed and successfully began treating the Green Beret veteran for traumatic brain injuries sustained in Afghanistan. Dr. Gordon’s treatment reversed Marr’s symptoms.

That was three years ago. Since then, Andrew and his brother Adam co-authored Tales From the Blast Factory, which garnered critical acclaim and caught the interest of two-time Emmy award-winning director Jerri Sher, who made a documentary based on the book.

The foreword in Tales From the Blast Factory was written by Dr. Gordon. The trailer for the upcoming documentary, Quiet Explosions, can be seen here.