Frequently Asked Questions

How much do WordEquity services cost?

This depends on the type of project, but it normally includes ongoing consultation, interviews, research, structure, writing and editing.  When the project requires air travel or lodging, those items are included as well.

Yes.  Additional services include:

  1. -formatting and layout

  2. -e-book conversion

  3. -cover design

Some of the images are mine, but most of the art is from these fine people.

The ongoing consultation and interviews are either in person, by phone or by Skype.  The secondary research is normally done online.  If primary research is needed, that research is conducted wherever the project requires.

WordEquity’s pricing is based on three factors: project, research and scope. Projects are divided into: books, marketing materials, social media posts, blog posts and articles. The categories of research are: interview, primary research and secondary research. The manner of scope ranges from general, to in-depth, to extensive.

For some of the best and most comprehensive comparison of pay rates, please see this report (FAQ: How Much Should I Pay a Freelance Writer?) from Courtney Craig at ClearVoice. For her exceptional summary on pricing, scroll down to the infographic.

What does the pricing include?

Does WordEquity offer additional services?

With a ghostwriter, who holds the rights to my book, e-book or article?

In what ways does WordEquity work with out-of-town clients?

Who did the images for the headers on your website?

A ghostwriter contractually waives all rights to your project or its royalties, and is contractually obligated to not make any written or verbal reference or claim to your project or its work.  Such a contract is commonly accepted as proof of your rights to the project.  Should you decide at any time to acknowledge the work of your ghostwriter, that decision is totally at your discretion.


Meeting and getting to know my clients - especially if it’s at a point in their lives when they’re telling the world something amazing and new.

Also, I truly enjoy the whole creative process.  The act of creating is what truly fulfills my passion for writing.  By the time a project is finished, I’m soon ready for the next creative process - which is great for WordEquity clients because they can bask in the limelight of their published book or article, while I’m starting the creative process all over again with another book or article.

What do you most enjoy about your work?