Unlike other places that require you to submit a complete manuscript, WordEquity accepts your project in whatever format it currently exists.

Whether it’s a final draft, rough draft, outline or even a vague idea, simply hand it off to WordEquity.  Then you can get back to what you do best, and WordEquity will take it from there.

Take All of the Credit or Not, It’s Entirely Up to You

Write that book, e-book, website or article you’ve been wanting, with WordEquity as your:

        - Ghostwriter
        - Interviewer
        - Biographer
        - Editor
        - Publisher

My work has appeared in everything from magazines to websites to New York Times bestsellers.

While each project is unique, WordEquity services normally include ongoing consultations, interviews, research, structure/organization, writing, editing and publishing.

The ongoing consultations and interviews are either in person, by phone or by Skype.  I’ve worked just as successfully with clients across the country, as I have with local clients.

Also, for self-publishers, additional WordEquity services include e-book conversion, text formatting/layout and cover design.

WordEquity Services

Even the greatest minds have utilized sources - other than their own - to help create their published works.  In fact, it was Albert Einstein who said, “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”

Get Back to What You Do Best


As a WordEquity client, you’ll have the option to take all the credit, with WordEquity being contractually obligated to make absolutely no reference to your project.  In this way, I’ve ghostwritten on topics ranging from Internet marketing to open heart surgery, from duodenal switch procedures to clothing optional resorts.

Conversely, there have been those much-appreciated times when clients decided instead to credit me - such as Dr. Edwin Lee with Feel Good Look Younger and Your Best Investment, or Dr. Mark Gordon with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment.

Credited or not, for me it’s all about the creative process.  The interviewing, researching, writing, editing and everything else it takes to publish the story.  That creative process truly is the driving force of my love for what I do.